Convert Dell Service Tag to Express Service Code

I have come across this very useful tool for system/network administrators.

This tool is not affiliated with or approved by

It converts your Service tag to Express Service Code. Also there is another one which converts vice-versa


How to query your machine for DELL Service Tag. Just follow this steps.

  • Open the Notepad and paste the following code in it.

on error resume next
strServer=InputBox (“Enter the server name of the server for Dell Service Tag”)
Set objWMIservice = GetObject(“winmgmts:\\” & strServer & “\root\cimv2”)
set colitems = objWMIservice.ExecQuery(“Select * from Win32_BIOS”,,48)
For each objitem in colitems
      Wscript.echo “Dell Service Tag: ” & objitem.serialnumber

You can also get the above script from

  • Save it as ServiceTag.vbs to any location in your system.
  • Open the Command Prompt and change the path to the saved location
  • Execute the .vbs file (you might have to use cscript eg: cscript ServiceTag.vbs)
  • You will be prompted with an input box. Give you machine name. It will return the service tag.
  • If want to execute this for a remote machine, you might need to run the script as an administrator.

One thought on “Convert Dell Service Tag to Express Service Code

  1. hello:
    i only wanna know if u can help me to convert my DELL service tag to master password, in many forums tell about an Algorithm to do that, please.

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