Make URL(hyperlink) clickable in Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

The URLs in IM windows can be made clickable through a Group Policy called “Allow Hyperlinks in instant messages”

This setting enables Microsoft Office Communicator to replace Internet and network paths with hyperlinks in instant messages. If you enable this policy setting, Communicator will allow active hyperlinks in instant messages.

Note: You can configure this policy setting under both Computer Configuration and User Configuration, but the policy setting under Computer Configuration takes precedence.

You can download the Communicator 2007 documentation, which provides communicator.adm. Copy communicator.adm to your %windir%\inf directory. Import the communicator administrative template and then edit the policy from there.

If you are using Office Communication Server R2, you will need to make sure that the Intelligent IM filter is configured properly, otherwise the hyperlinks might not be displayed between users.


19 thoughts on “Make URL(hyperlink) clickable in Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

  1. I have enabled this policy setting, but I only get *clickable links* on the sender’s end. IE – if I send a message with a link in the body, only I can click on it, the receiving party gets a link with a preleading _http: which makes it unclickable.

  2. @ Time and John too:
    If you are not aware with MS GPO’s and other configurable option. please save your comments for others.

    sure, the opposite side must have the same config, otherwise this client rejects the link

  3. This policy is set at domain level and is enforced. So, both machines should get the policy. I will do a gpresults and make sure they are both receiving the policy. Thanks for all of your help.

  4. Both machines have the policy enforced, but I still get the weird situation.

    What is even stranger -> If I send a link to a co-worker, the links shows correctly for me, but not for them. If they do the same, and send me a link, the link looks correct to them, but not to me.

    Are there any newer adm files that fix this, or are there any other options for me?

  5. Hi all,
    I am having the same issue – hyperlink showing correctly on senders end but receinever cannot open – Has any found a solution for this?



  6. Hi all,
    I am having the same issue – hyperlink showing correctly on senders end but receinever cannot open – Has any found a solution for this?



  7. You also need to enable this on the OCS server.

    Go to your OCS server> open OCS>right click on the server>application properties>intelligent IM filter> select the second allow instant messaging option and block prefixes as you see fit.

    Hope this helps,


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  9. Thanks for this. Been struggling with this.

    I’d highly suggest you take the comments from another poster with regards to the Intelligent IM filter and put it in the article itself. It was critical for me to get this fixed.

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