Enterprise Project cannot be opened in read-write mode

I tried to open an Enterprise project that is hosted on Project server 2007 from within Microsoft office Project 2007 that is shared by other users in my organisation. After selecting the project, a message box popped up showing that I can only open the project in Read-Only mode.

” This project cannot be opened in read-write mode because a previous checkin for this project is not complete.
Do you want to open this project read only? “

Sometimes projects will be in a checked out state in the Local Cache. To open the project in Read-Write mode…

Click Tools -> Local Project Cache -> Cleanup Cache

Select the project that you are trying to open and click the “Remove From Cache” button. If the project is not visible in the current list, click the Project Filter pick list and select the “Projects Checked Out to You” item, select the  project, and click the “Remove From Cache” button. Always get the latest service pack from Microsoft and apply them to your office applications.


63 thoughts on “Enterprise Project cannot be opened in read-write mode

  1. This did not fix my problem, any other possible solutions. The projects that show not checked in do not show up on my list of projects to clear the cache for. I am the only one using this project server so not sure how they could have been checked out by someone other than me.

  2. As far as other solutions, this may help. When clearing cache, confirm under Project Filter, both “checked out to you”, and “NOT checked out to you” as I’m the only one on using project here and I get them locked in local cache under either (apparently at random). :-)

  3. Found this on another forum
    How to AVOID:
    1)When saving your Project File, click File > Save. WAIT for a status line at the bottom of the window frame to indicate Save Job Completed Successfully.
    2)Once the save is complete, click File > Close, DO NOT click File> Exit and DO NOT click the ‘X’ in the upper right corner.
    3)A pop-up will appear asking if you want to check-in the project. Click Yes
    4)Wait for the project space to clear and then you can close MS Project using File>Exit or the in the upper right corner.
    – Renee

  4. Sean – this does not avoid this issue. I do it that way every time and still have this caching issue 80% of the time. But clearing the cache fixes it.

  5. Bree, I’ve hit a similar wall with one of my larger projects. On the under 300 line projects, it’s a charm, but you are correct, I CAN”T seem to gracefully exit the larger no matter what i do. sorry.

  6. Has anyone noticed if this happens more frequently to users who open/access their project via project centre, rather than opening from the “list of projects on server” via MS Project? I have noticed our users who have the most difficulty are accessing their projects via project centre and wonder if it’s a known contributor.

    Even after April patch applied, I’m still having users encounter the problem (who are doing file close as Sean’s recommended – which did make a difference in our environment of 70 users).


  7. You have this project open read-write in another session

    to open this project read-write,you must close the project in the other session or check in the project using projectweb access

    The file customer relations is already checked out to administrator

    to save a project with that name,get Administrator to check the project back in,or contact your server administrator for help.

    I need help with this challenge

  8. A possible problem would be if you have created inter-project dependencies. Check the inter-related projects. In my case this was the problem. One of the projects remaind check-out in the process of creating the inter-relations.

    See the project listed in the File Menu and if necessary retrieve de list of projects from the server and then from the file menu open every project listed.

  9. I have a user who is have this problem on one of his projects on project server but no the other projects on server. His projects are small less than 200 lines. Any ideas what’s causing the problem? I’ve tried clearing cache’ increasing cache’, reducing cache’. He still can not update the project plans.

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  12. If you cant find your project listed in the “Project Filter” (MS Project 2007)

    Go to: Tools ->Local Project Cache->Cache Settings.

    Copy the Cache Location.

    Open windows explorer and paste the cache location.

    You will see all the cache files. Manually select them and delete them. (Make sure you save your Read Only project first, in case you need it).

    Reopen Microsoft project and it will allow you to open the project in edit mode.

    Good luck :)

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