Office Project doesn’t save/publish or Queue hangs in Project Server 2007

If you are working on a project using Office Project 2007 to list out all the tasks and when you publish the project after completion,

 there might be a indefinite pause for publishing the project. The Resources allocated might not be notified of the changes. If you notice the office project status bar, you will notice that it is expected to complete in 2sec and it stays still.

What happens is, the job stays in the queue on the project server. The purpose of the Office Project Server 2007 Queuing System is to handle these abrupt changes in demand gracefully and reliably. The Queuing System takes all the users’ input, records entries for the requests in Microsoft SQL Server, and then processes the data asynchronously on a first-come, first-served basis. Having a queue ensures that the Office Project Server 2007 EPM solution does not stop working when a spike in demand occurs.

Solution: Check the jobs in the queue by logging into Project Web access as an administrator.

PWA–>Server Settings–>Manage Queue

If there are lot of jobs “Waiting To Be Processed”, Canceling and Retrying may make no difference. Open the Services MMC and find “Microsoft Office Project Server Queue Service”. Restart the service and Refresh status of the jobs in PWA. The jobs will be processed now. If your database is on a different server from the application server, make sure that both the servers have the same time.

If you want to know more about Project Server 2007 Queuing system, refer to Technet



5 thoughts on “Office Project doesn’t save/publish or Queue hangs in Project Server 2007

  1. Thank you very much for the article, I had this problem in a Project Server 2007 SP1 in VPC2007. However, restarting the service didn’t work and finally I decided to change the account associated to the service (could it be something related to the permissions of the service account (because the new account was the administrator of the machine and the old one was just a domain account)?

  2. Thanks dear last point which is ‘make sure that both the servers have the same time’ is very important and it helpd me. Can you help me about, still my que is showing me filed job even i have reset the service. but they are not effecting the new jobs i think its only mes info relted to last faild jobs. will it automatically vanished or i have to do somthing to clear from que status page.

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