Initializing the root folders to display

Microsoft has changed the way the Office suite handles file and folder information in newer versions of Office.

If you are working on a domain joined workstation, this is more likely to happen in any of the Office 2007 Applications:

Whenever you try to save a document or open a document with the office applications, the above pop-upwill open and it will take some time to get the control back. This is mainly due to disconnected network drives. The mapped drives might not be available anymore or you don’t have proper permissions.

FIX: Disconnect the network drives and reconnect them with the proper credentials and then the pop-up will disappear.

If your network drives are mapped when you login using a logon script, then first disconnect all the network drives and go to \\<domainservername>\SYSVOL\<domain>\scripts\<yourname>.bat and execute it. All the drives will be mapped if you they are available and authenticated.

Replace <> tags with your environment names.

eg: \\ad01\SYSVOL\contoso\scripts\technobuff.bat


3 thoughts on “Initializing the root folders to display

  1. I have drives that map over the WAN with no problem and “some” users still get this pop up and some don’t. It is very annoying to those who do and it all started after Office 2007 was installed on our workstations and servers. So far, nothing has fixed it.

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