How to enable HostServer Logging in K2 blackpearl

To change Log level setting, follow the steps below:

  1. Make a copy of C:\Program Files (x86)\K2 blackpearl\Host Server\Bin\HostServerLogging.config
    • The path might vary according to your installation. Backup is just a precaution in case you edit the file incorrectly
  2. Open the config file and Search for the following section

 <ApplicationLevelLogSetting Scope=”Default”>
    <LogLocation Name=”ConsoleExtension” Active=”True” LogLevel=”Debug” />
    <LogLocation Name=”FileExtension” Active=”False” LogLevel=”Debug” />
    <LogLocation Name=”EventLogExtension” Active=”False” LogLevel=”Debug” />
    <LogLocation Name=”ArchiveExtension” Active=”False” LogLevel=”Debug” />

If you want to do a full file trace for all details, edit the FileExtension line in the config file. Change the Active key to True and LogLevel to All.

Warning: For a production setup, you should enable the FileExtension logging and set the LogLevel to “Error”. If you set it to to “All”, the log file can grow pretty quickly into a very large file and should be monitored at regular intervals. It should look like this.

<LogLocation Name=”FileExtension” Active=”True” LogLevel=”All” />

  • Save the config file and restart the K2 host server service.
  • Note that the trace information will get logged into a file called HostServer<current date>_1.log and is located in the same folder.

  • To revert back to your old settings, replace the modified config file with the original copy.
  • Restart the K2 Host server service to stop the file logging.

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