Windows 7 – The future of Windows OS

A minimalistic variation of the Windows kernel, being developed for use in Windows 7 (codenamed MinWin)

Watch the video to know why it is called as Windows 7

It sounds similar to server 2008 core but server core constrains OS by server roles. It is aimed at componentising the Windows kernel – reducing the dependencies to reach the minimum set of components required to build a self-contained kernel, reducing the disk footprint and memory usage. Code compiles even without any extraneous components resulting in a stripped-down self-contained OS kernel image


Windows Server 2008 Core – CoreConfigurator

Server Core is a new installation option that is optimized by role which are easier to manage and maintain with increased reliability and security. It uses a CLI (mostly) and has no GUI Shell and is available for x86 and x64 (not Itanium), included in the Windows Server 2008 SKUs for web, standard, enterprise and datacenter editions.  


·      There is no way to upgrade from a previous version of the Windows Server operating system to a Server Core installation. Only a clean installation is supported.

·      There is no way to upgrade from a full installation of Windows Server 2008 to a Server Core installation. Only a clean installation is supported.

·      There is no way to upgrade from a Server Core installation to a full installation of Windows Server 2008.


You can manage a server running Server Core installation in the following ways:

·      Locally and remotely using a command prompt. By using the Windows command-line tools at a command prompt, you can manage servers running a Server Core installation.

·      Remotely using Terminal Server. 

·      Remotely using Windows Remote Shell. By using another computer running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, you can use Windows Remote Shell to run command-line tools and scripts on a server running a Server Core installation.

·      Remotely using an MMC snap-in. 

MVP Guy Teverovsky has created a tool for Server 2008 Server Core.  It is the CoreConfigurator. Unfortunately he had to remove the posts about CoreConfigurator due to the contract with his employer, and the download of the tool is not working anymore. Lucky for those who downloaded it before. 


If you are not lucky enough to download this tool from Guy Teverovsky site, You will still be able to download this from following blog site

Or just use direct link

There is an equivalent Open Source Version of Core Configurator. This Tool is a collection of scripts which will help provision and configure a Base Windows 2008 Server Core installation, The Windows 2008 Server Core Configurator enables you to do all those configurations via a GUI easily!

Download it from: